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Rose otto is the beautifully fragrant essential oil extracted from the species Rosa damascena, and holds a special place in the hearts of all who love aromatherapy and natural perfumery. There is quite simply, no other essential oil quite like it in terms of fragrance and wealth of therapeutic healing benefits.

It may be hard to believe, but of all the places in the world where roses are cultivated, there are just a handful of regions that provide just the right conditions to grow this incredible flower in large enough quantities to produce rose otto essential oil! One such area is in Bulgaria. For over 300 years the people inhabiting the famed Valley of Roses, situated between the Balkan and Sredna Gora mountain have grown roses and proceed them into rose oil & water, celebrated the world over for its superb quality and unique aroma.

There are over 7000 varieties of roses worldwide, yet only few are known as oil producing. The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, cultivated for over 300 years, is considered to be the best oil-bearing rose renowned worldwide.

The first commercially harvested rose fields were planted in the rose areas in the late 16th-early 17th century. The favorable climate of the Valley of Roses, with its characteristic mild winters and a long, balmy spring with intermittent light rains, high humidity, abundant morning dew and its undulating landscape make ideal for growing the oil-yielding rose and creating its unique aroma.


Unique climatic and soil conditions make the Rose Valley one of the biggest producers of rose otto in the world. The air humidity, cloudiness and precipitation in May and June contribute to the cultivation of roses that yield the highest quality of oil.

In Bulgaria during the early 1900's, virtually all rose oil was distilled on-site using direct-fire stills operated by the farmers. Modern stills are made of copper and are heated with an open wood fire from below. The roses can not be distilled in the usual way by directly injecting steam, because the petals compact to form a large mass that the steam can not penetrate. Therefore the distillation techniques have been refined in various ways to overcome this problem. On average, Rosa damascena will yield 1 kilo of oil per 4,000 kilos of flowers using modern distillation processes.


The Bulgarian Rose Oil & Water are 100% natural, organic, ecological product. It is manufactured under strictest standards of purity and quality at every stage in the production process, from the picking of the blossoms to the packing and labeling. Stored under the right conditions at temperatures between 15-20 įC, away from heat sources or direct sunlight, it will last for years. Just a touch of the magic aromatic substance refreshes the spirit and memory, gives joy and inspiration.

Throughout the centuries, the Bulgarian rose oil industry had gain significant experience and reigned supreme, almost monopolizing the entire world supply of rose oil. Bulgarian Rose oil industry is a fact due to the education, experience and knowledge of more than 300 years.

Here in Stepsonís head office we always believe that people are the other element of the secret to produce the finest quality. With experience of several generations and tradition of its produce we could proudly state our leadership in this industry nowadays.

The Rose Oil & Water produced by Stepson in the heart of Bulgaria is truly the fruit of love. Our quality mark gives the guarantee of our finest produce!


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