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Stock Number Latin Name of the herb English Name of the herb Deutch Name of the herb Gathering Months Quantity (kg)
Prod Line: 112 DIVERSA [112] OTHERS [112]      
EB0001-112-01 Zea majus "Stigmata maides" Maize Corn silk   7 - 9 1,000
EB0001-112-02 "Flos crataegi cum folia" Hawthorn, flowers with leaves   4 - 5 5,000
EB0001-112-03 Fructus Cynosbatti sin semeni"     9 - 12 10,000
EB0001-112-04 Feinshnit"     9 - 12 1,000
EB0001-112-05 Hyppocastane concisa"     8 - 12 1,000
EB0001-112-06 Cortex fructus phaseoli     8 - 10 1,000
EB0001-112-07 Radix cum herba Taraxaci Dandelion Hoewenzachn 5 - 7 5,000

  • * - Plants under special government control. The Ministry of Environment gives an allowance (quota) for gathering. Quotes are obtained in the beginning of the year and are requested the previous one.
  • ** - Cultivated plants only. Any quantities can be provided only if there is a signed contract with the respective party.
  • Any request (inquiry) must be placed with us not later than one month before the beginning of the gathering period, specified in column Months of Gathering.
  • The quantities are comfortable to Bulgarian delivery potential.


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