Caviar is the roe from the sturgeon, the most valuable fish in the world. Their naturally protected surroundings have helped them ignore the evolution of millions of years. Through manís evolution, the Caspian Sea has remained deep and warm with the sturgeon perhaps our only like to the stimulating, generous tastes and flavours known to our distant ancestors. Caviar is a capsule of invigorating energy, filled with the proteins, minerals, vitamins and oils essential for life. It is eaten in a completely unmodified natural form, through knowledgeable careful handling and perfect transportation and storage. Sturgeon are harvested during the spawning seasons of spring and autumn. Each fish landed is an event in itself. It is numbered and washed before the precious roe is removed. All surfaces are clean and cleansed to ensure absolute purity.


Iranian Caviar

Only the finest caviar deserves the Stepson's Inc. label. Three species of sturgeon give their name to a distinctive caviar.

  • BELUGA (Huso huso)

    The beluga which lives for 100 years, creates large, opalescent grey-blue caviar with a delicate skin and a palate-tickling flavour.

  • OSCIETRA (Acipenser gueldenstaedti) Living for 50 years, the oscietra is famed for its variegated caviar traditionally in shades of gold and pale browns.

  • SEVRUGA (Acipenser stellatus)

    Living for only 30 years this sturgeon creates an intensely dark, almost luminous, small caviar with a strong yet delicate taste.



All the year Stepson Inc. offers a complete range of caviar, at attractive prices, from the Caspian Sea, the Black Sea, the Gulf of Azoff, Danube and Amur river. All are packed in tin boxes of 500, 1000 and 1800gr.

Annually we export more than 15 tons of the finest quality Black Caviar.