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The storage capacity of the casks STEPSON Inc. is producing is tailored depending on demand and on our clients’ request. It is extremely important for our company that our produce meets our clients’ requirements in their entirety.
We are attending any and all of our customers in a special way and that is why we are ready to meet any, even the most insignificant 'caprice' or requirement of our clients. That is why STEPSON Inc. does not produce the universal type of casks but complies with the identity and uniqueness of the product required as well as with the preferences of our clients.
At STEPSON Inc. we do not stick to a particular type of cask in our production, as most companies do. Our company is specialized in the production of diverse types of casks, each of which has been designed to be essentially unique.
It is namely because of the uniqueness of all of our products and because of our special attitude towards all of our clients that the casks of STEPSON Inc. present a product to be preferred to many of the products of well-established cask producers.
The storage capacity of the casks we make is entirely in compliance with our customers’ preferences. We are offering casks, the storage capacity of which ranges from 5 to 5,000 liters. You just choose your volume preferred and we are going to make it for you.