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STEPSON Inc. is making casks out of materials as per the customers’ requirements. For our exports we usually produce casks made of oak. We also secure the natural drying up of the oak material, in the open atmospheric air, which lasts for 2 to 3 years.
After its long stay for natural drying up, the oak timber designed for the casks is being arranged and sorted out. STEPSON Inc. is a company entirely specialized in the processing, both machine and handicraft, of the wooden material for making of casks; so we are capable to meet any need on part of our customers.
Apart from our production of oak casks, we are also producing a wide range of casks made from acacia. It is most often that for the production of casks and barrels for high-grade alcoholic products we use the timber of the ’Robina’ type of White Acacia. Naturally, apart from the types mentioned above, we also produce casks from other timber materials, which may pose interest for our clients.