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Bulgaria is world famous not only for its wines of exclusive quality but also for its production of casks. 

In the current day, over 200 master-coopers work in Bulgaria, who produce each year casks of total storage capacity of over 54,000 hectolitres for exports only. 


Cooperage is among the oldest crafts in Bulgaria and started its development more than 1,200 years ago, alongside with wine production. 

This is namely why the casks produced by us, are of the best quality on the whole of the Balkan Peninsula, and are no worse than the West European casks.

Each cask plant is relying on high productivity and good exports ratio. Anyhow, STEPSON Inc. is a company relying on quality before all, rather than quantity. Tradition as well as our plant history are playing substantial role in our production of casks.

It is no where else on the Balkan Peninsula that you shall be capable of finding casks of the same excellent production quality as we, at STEPSON Inc., shall offer you.

It is also due to the quality of our production as well as to the long-aged Bulgarian tradition of cask production that STEPSON Inc. ranks amongst the most flourishing cask-producing companies in Europe. 

The workshops of STEPSON Inc. shall attract your attention with the rich scope of various wine-casks as well as high-alcoholic products’ casks for whiskey, cognac, vodka, grape brandy, etc.

Depending on the duration period of the stay of wine in our casks, the wines receive a light, fine and gentle flavor of natural wood, which our casks are made from.

All products have been made from the best quality oak tree, which has been dried in a natural way, in the open air, as well as sorted out.

Our casks have to be ordered, most commonly, a year in advance, so that we were able to secure the quality necessary to our customers.